I have no idea as to the origin of this character or picture. I was looking on the interwebs for some kind of image that would tell the story of this week-old migraine. She looks appropriately gnarly . . .


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  1. I read somewhere that they are working on some kind of thing you wear on your head to relieve migraines. They were remarking about how it looked like something from Star Trek. I’m always reading stuff about migraines… I wish I remembered it…

  2. I seem to remember an old joke: “If I had a head like that and it DIDN’T hurt, I’d see a doctor!” 😆

    Here’s hoping your migraine goes away soon my friend! 😀

      1. It comes and goes, like a weird sinusoidal wave. I must admit though, that the time I spend below the “zero line” does seem to be getting longer. Hopefully it’s just a winter thing…

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