“The names of the rivers remain with you.” ~ Czeslaw Milosz, from “Forget”

Futaleufu River, Chile (SebastiAin-Dario, CC)
Futaleufu River, Patagonia
by Sebastian Dario (Creative Commons)


“When it hurts we return to the banks of certain rivers.” ~ Czeslaw Milosz, fromBobo’s Metamorphosis”

Corey and I have been watching “River Monsters,” which has made me think a lot about water, flowing water, river water, water of life . . .

“So lasting they are, the rivers!” Only think. Sources somewhere in the mountains pulsate and springs seep from a rock, join in a stream, in the current of a river, and the river flows through centuries, millennia. Tribes, nations pass, and the river is still there, and yet it is not, for water does not stay the same, only the place and the name persist, as a metaphor for a permanent form and changing matter. The same rivers flowed in Europe when none of today’s countries existed and no languages known to us were spoken. It is in the names of rivers that traces of lost tribes survive. They lived, though, so long ago that nothing is certain and scholars make guesses which to other scholars seem unfounded. It is not even known how many of these names come from before the Indo-European invasion, which is estimated to have taken place two thousand to three thousand years B. C. Our civilization poisoned river waters, and their contamination acquires a powerful emotional meaning. As the course of a river is a symbol of time, we are inclined to think of a poisoned time. And yet the sources continue to gush and we believe time will be purified one day. I am a worshipper of flowing and would like to entrust my sins to the waters, let them be carried to the sea.

~ Czeslaw Milosz, “Rivers” (trans. Robert Hass)


Music by Sheryl Crow, “Easy”

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