“I got this so I could grill on my way home. I found a way to rig up my Foreman grill so that I can cook a burger and bacon as I get home. It saves me 20 minutes of cooking every single night.” ~ From an Amazon customer review of the Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

From George Takei: “Friends, here is the Wheelmate Laptop Steering Wheel Desk, and the product created such an impression on me, I decided to review it:

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for an Starfleet Helmsman
My husband Brad always warns me not to try and update my Facebook page while I’m driving. “You’ll hit another pedestrian,” he says. “This isn’t the Enterprise, there isn’t a deflector array.” Then along comes a miracle product like this! I can now happily fly at warp speed down the streets of Los Angeles, laptop or mobile device perched right in front of me, so I can keep…

Published 1 month ago by George Takei

Here are some other great reviews from satisfied customers:

3.0 out of 5 stars Not so good as baby changing table
I read some 4 and 5 star reviews by those who used this device successfully to change a baby while driving. On that basis, I bought one. I put my baby on it and drove for over an hour. It did not change. Same baby. I am glad it worked for some people but I will be returning mine. (The steering wheel desk.)

5.0 out of 5 stars My commute transformed!

This baby has totally changed my daily commutes. Before I got it, it was hard juggling the stuff I need to make my commute bearable. Now, its a snap!

Now, I just keep the cooler on the passenger seat next to me when I pull out of the garage. As I’m merging into traffic, I’m cutting the limes and squeezing the juice. I have room to set that aside and muddle the mint leaves before I tart filling the glass with ice, the juice, the leaves, the sugar, and the rum. Top it off with a little seltzer, and I’ve got a perfect good morning Mojito which will last at least until I get to to the I290/610 interchange!

On the way home, as soon as I pull out of the parking garage, I add some ice to the shaker, pour in the vermouth, drain the vermouth out the window into the mouth of Phil, the wino on the corner, pour in the vodka, and shake! I’m dropping in the olive just as I get back on the highway and my happy hour (or two, depending on Houston traffic) has begun! Now all I need is the rocket launcher and ejection seat (and the license to kill!).

This handy little surface gives me enough room so I don’t have to try to hold two or three bottles between my legs – I can’t do that and work the clutch at the same time!

And if its been a particularly bad day at work, I can line up the shots. I can pour a good dozen on this table and, as long as I don’t have any tight turns, not a drop is spilled!

Thank you Wheelmate! Now the commute is the most productive time of my day!


5.0 out of 5 stars It is a beast

I got this so I could grill on my way home. I found a way to rig up my Foreman grill so that I can cook a burger and bacon as I get home. It saves me 20 minutes of cooking every single night. The only problem I have had is that if I am at a traffic light and my windows are down birds will occasionally try to get in on the delicious food I am cooking. Wheelmate needs to make a window screen so I don’t smoke myself out when I leave the windows up. How am I supposed to cook, eat, add condiments, fend off birds, roast the bun and mix my cocktails while driving with my windows up?

3.0 out of 5 stars Obviously, not to be used while driving

Many of the other reviewers are clearly confused. This is not to be used while actually driving a moving vehicle. It was created for all those in IT whose once lucrative jobs have been eliminated and are now living in their cars. Tip: If you pull up really close to a Panera or McDonald’s with free wifi, you can connect and send your resume out without even needing to buy a coffee.


5.0 out of 5 stars Driving Bananas

One of the best usages I find of this product is driving down the road writing my blog and at the same time, using my Hutzler Banana Slicer to slice those bananas for me! What a great product! I just wish those nice police officers weren’t always upset about all the fun I’m having while running over the populace!