“At the end of this day there remains what remained yesterday and what will remain tomorrow: the insatiable, unquantifiable longing to be both the same and other.” ~ Fernando Pessoa, from The Book of Disquiet

I just came across these amazing images created by British artist Pery Burge, who, sadly, passed away this year. This Huffington Post article explains her process and how she happened upon it after having to abandon traditional art because of a repetitive strain injury.

I am amazed by the shapes and colors. Click on each image to see larger size. Enjoy.


Music by Tycho, “A Walk”



I am giving up beauty.
Not the silver thickets and the sandpipers
Not the grass beneath the lake,
not the way your hair eddies
when you rinse it in the bath–
but the lighted rooms when
tall and cool
I am effortlessly suspended in the
wordless hush of sight and gifted desire,
drifting quiet like a trout at the water’s edge,
pulled by a gentle current.
I will learn eyes that look outwards.
Since I no longer pull and sing like the current,
when a river butterfly
touches silent surfaces with delicate feet,
I will bend to meet it myself.
When an egret stands in the
marsh shallows with folded wings,
I will call it lovely.
This is beautiful, this is not, this
is an endless garden of reeds,
this is the forest after a rain.

~ Kristin Roedell