“At the heart of the emptiness there is born in me a sudden understanding.” ~ Fabienne Veridier

Autumn in the Orchard by Russel Tomlin Flickr
Autumn in the Orchard
by Russell Tomlin on flickr



To me lying near sleep, at the pale edge
of dark, sounds wrestle the gray beyond, and trains
at the outer margin slide and weave, the diesels
shudder their strings of cars and eat their noisy
miles, and lone farmlights star the black between.

To me lying near sleep the near leaves bind
my walls in hush of green gloom merged in still
and ebony and humming waves of leafed
midnight, where the small insect noises drown
in those deep currents that close in my walls.

To me lying near sleep the shuttered blinds
spill in a float of morning colors, wash
and rinse my eyes, disturb the escape of dreams
upon the white awakeness lying beside
my wakening in birdsong and drenched day.

~ Richmond Lattimore


Music by The Magnetic North, “The Bay of Skaill”


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