Ran across this tidbit in The New Yorker (originally posted December) after reading a wonderful reflections piece by David Sedaris, Now We are Five

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“Like many stars, he was actually twin stars, fused together; within his nature, the gentleman cohabited with the fearful rake, just as, within his Lawrence, something fey and dreamy, bordering dangerously on the camp, consorted with the unappeased ferocity of the warrior.” From “Postscript: Peter O’Toole,” by Anthony Lane.

“It’s like a blown-out listicle composed by someone locked inside an archival library, or a condensed epic history written by someone who understands Twitterbrain.” From “Potpourri History,” by Rachel Syme.

“This is junkie talk, making Netflix’s report feel a bit like a pusher touting the unexpected benefits of a drug to its clients.” From “Come Binge With Me,” by Ian Crouch.

“It is supposedly often the mob on the street that is passionate and unruly; but in this story, the public is sitting down reading decisions and documents and diagrams of how data-flow works, while those trained in bureaucracy melt into airy rage.” From “Why Edward Snowden Deserves Amnesty,” by Amy Davidson.

“The only consensus is that Beyoncé matters—the rest is a firefight in your pocket.” From “The Death Drive,” by Sasha Frere-Jones.

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