Friday leftovers . . .

just a small one this week……………

Why can’t things like this ever happen to me, you know, finding a Gauguin at a garage sale or something similar? Click here for story.

I can’t even . . .

Everything is rubbish:

I am loving these Prince George gifs that are populating tumblr:

3 thoughts on “Friday leftovers . . .

  1. My sister had a pet raccoon when I was about 17 and she was about 11… it didn’t make sense. Not the having a raccoon for a pet, the nonsinsicality of that is obvious. But the raccoon didn’t make any kind of sense… and it like to sneak up behind you on the sofa while you were relaxing… and then take a nip out of that tender area, halfway between your neck and the top of your arm…
    I was no more fond of the raccoon (who was astonishingly named Gus) than I was of the monkey….

      1. Yeah… I agree. And it was never good for the animals. Sadly, we only had one animal, a cat named Occi who lived to be 12, that reached old age…
        Gus was set free when he got to be about 2 though… raccoons just become less and less sensible as human companions as they mature. They also have enormous sex drives…

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