Oh no! I missed World Penguin Day (April 25)!


Five facts about penguins (for more, click here):

1. All 17 species of penguins are naturally found exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere.


2. Emperor Penguins are the tallest species, standing nearly 4 feet tall. The smallest is the Little Blue Penguin, which is only about 16 inches.


3. The fastest species is the Gentoo Penguin, which can reach swimming speeds up to 22 mph.


4. Penguins’ striking coloring is a matter of camouflage; from above, their black backs blend into the murky depths of the ocean. From below, their white bellies are hidden against the bright surface.


5. Fossils place the earliest penguin relative at some 60 million years ago, meaning an ancestor of the birds we see today survived the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.



4 thoughts on “Oh no! I missed World Penguin Day (April 25)!

  1. Everyone loves penguins. Occasionally you can spot the little blue penguins paddling around in Auckland’s waters. It’s instant happiness! The perfect antidote to everything that ails you… like cotton candy when you were six!

    1. I would love to see penguins in their natural habitat. Had no idea you had them in Auckland. Yet another reason why I need to visit.

      1. You do! and do it soon… I’m planning to sell up on this place in another year or two – might not be in Titirangi anymore… but for now – the guest room with a (small) view of the harbour is waiting for you!

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