If it’s Friday, it must mean leftovers . . .


This week’s headline:

Mid-term elections are important. Don’t blow them off. Go VOTE!

Happy Halloween!

How cool. I love discovering new things. I never knew that van Gogh did this piece:

Vincent van Gogh Head of a Skeleton 1886
“Head of a Skeleton” (1886, oil on canvas)
by Vincent van Gogh

Found this classic Mickey Mouse: The Skeleton Dance (1929)


Dumb animals, yep.

For more on Endal, click here.

Well that explains why Tidewater Drive has been a mess for almost a year . . .

Photo: It makes sense now.

No wonder I’ve never won anything more than fries . . .

Umm, okay . . .

Photo: Waatteerrrr STAHP

Okay, now go . . . no wait, stop, turn around, go . . . no, stop again . . .

And finally, would that we could all be happy with the perfect pebble . . .


Music by Donovan, what else, “Season of the Witch”


4 thoughts on “If it’s Friday, it must mean leftovers . . .

  1. Happy Halloween, Lita! Did anyone dress up? I forgot to use the glow sticks inside empty toilet paper rolls with eyes cut in them. I thought about putting them out by the road after dark, but figured we’d just hear screeching tires all evening (or gunshots.)

    I spent the afternoon visiting at the pharmacy. Not one child came in dressed up. But, we had fun anyway. We bought stuff to make the kitty that’s been hanging around a warm place to sleep – storage container, straw… Tomorrow we’ll find a bigger storage container that the other one will fit in and some styrofoam panels to insulate it… Going down to 34 on Sunday night.

    I’d probably drive off the road laughing if I saw construction workers sitting in wheelbarrows like that! Thanks for the humor! Have a great night!

    1. I bought Olivia a turtle costume this year, so I got to see her dressed up. My youngest went to a party, but he wasn’t sure what he was going to wear, something last minute. Alexis wore the mask we bought her in New Orleans, but that was about it. I probably had fewer than 20 kids, gave most of the candy to Alexis.

      Glad you liked the leftovers. Stay warm.

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