If it’s Friday, it must mean leftovers . . .

Marshawn Lynch at NFL Super Bowl Press Conference

Friday afternoon. Drizzle and cold, 47 degrees.

Corey arrived home safely yesterday. No word on when he will be called back. I never thought I would wish for oil prices to skyrocket . . .

Bad night last night—too wired to sleep, and the dogs were feeding off that anxiety by announcing a need to go out pretty much once an hour. In between, I was seized with a vicious migraine, and then the ensuing body-itching from the pain medication. Today I plan to do a whole lot of nothing after spending two days cleaning a house that wasn’t really dirty, which didn’t stop me from taking the bottom of the vacuum apart to pull strings from the roller (love that my Dyson doesn’t have any belts). That’s just how I get once I go into overdrive.

Ah, the sweet, sweet joys of my life . . .

More later. Peace.

This week’s headline:

“I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” ~ Marshawn Lynch’s Super Bowl Press Conference

As Jon Stewart pointed out, Lynch was threatened with a ridiculous $500k fine if he didn’t show and a possible other fine for wearing the wrong hat, yet the NFL does little to nothing when it comes to the serious infractions, you know, like domestic violence:

“How is it that this guy is facing international drug cartel penalty money, but the owners and commissioner of the league have no obligation to address stadium financing shenanigans or concussions or domestic violence policies?” ~ Jon Stewart, “The Daily Show” (29 January 2015)

Shakespeare’s tragedies by body count:

Diagramming my life:

Dr. James Barry was a woman:

James Miranda Stuart Barry was a military surgeon in the British Army. After graduation from the University of Edinburgh Medical School, Barry served in India and Cape Town, South Africa. By the end of his career, he had risen to the rank of Inspector General in charge of military hospitals. Although Barry lived his adult life as a man, he was born a female and was named Margaret Ann Bulkley. In his travels he not only improved conditions for wounded soldiers, but also the conditions of the native inhabitants. Among his accomplishments was the first caesarean section in Africa by a British surgeon in which both the mother and child survived the operation.

Well, how could I not include this?

See this? This is not how my dogs would help:

They would either sit on the extended part of the tape measure or take the whole thing and run away . . .

Too perfect . . .

And oh how I wish so many times that I would have been able to say and do something like this:

See—I freaking told you . . .

Things that can happen at Wal-Mart:

2 thoughts on “If it’s Friday, it must mean leftovers . . .

  1. You find the best stuff!

    I hope the migraine goes away quickly so you can feel better and quit itching.

    I hate this wind.

    I have a Walmart cold. (I think I must have gotten the cold from touching something in, or being in, Walmart.) I’ve never had this before though: when I bend over, a tear falls out of my left eye. Just the left one. Today, a tear rolled out while I was standing or sitting up straight, twice. Weird. I went in to pick up some cash for selling my textbooks and asked the teacher if it had ever happened to her. She said no, and asked if I’d been to the doctor about that. I didn’t tell her that my head would have to fall off before I went to the Dr. with no health insurance.

    Also, she’s the second person who’s mentioned the fact that maybe God doesn’t want me to work at the jobs I’ve applied for. I hope God wants me to work as a genealogist, in a library, or doing machine transcription again… Not sure how I’m going to know though.

    Oh well. I’m planning on having a laid back weekend (where I actually sleep during the night) that involves a lot of reading. I’ve got a crockpot chicken taco chili recipe I’m going to make. I’m sure I will make some kind of fun dessert, too.

    After picking up my check, I went to Starbucks. Just happened to run into an old friend from school and it was fun to catch up with him… And, you know what, I enjoyed being out and seeing people. Maybe I’m not a recluse after all…

    Sleep well. The house is clean, so you can just recover and relax now…

    1. The one tear thing is crazy weird, but the Wal-Mart cold phenomenon sounds completely plausible.

      I don’t know about god wanting you to work at certain jobs and not at others. I think god would be happy for you to be happy, however that happens. But you’re talking to a nonbeliever, so what do I know? I only know that there have been times when I have physically ached to have a certain job, and it didn’t happen, and I don’t remember being better for it, but maybe in the long run I was . . .

      Hope your weekend was nice. I had a migraine all weekend. Running into an old friend is always nice.

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