“They’re also talking about an intervention . . . ” ~ Bill Mahr

“The Republican establishment,what’s left of it . . . They are trying desperately to find some way to close the hole in the candidate’s head where the stupid comes out.” ~ Bill Mahr, Real Time with Bill Mahr  (Saturday, August 6, 2016)

4 thoughts on ““They’re also talking about an intervention . . . ” ~ Bill Mahr

    1. I wish you much luck. I have not picked up a pen to write a poem in a very long time. Sometimes I just have a feeling of total blahness for lack of a better word. Medication for depression has taken away my gift to write, I believe…..jen

      1. Dear Jen,
        So I didn’t come back as soon as I had hoped, but I think that I’m really back now. I hope that you will be able to follow again. I quite agree about the medication dulling your edge. It’s something that I’ve had to fight for many years. Sometimes, I just want to throw all of the meds away and just feel, drink deeply from Thoreau’s marrow of life, but then I remember the last time that I did that and how very bad everything turned out . . .

  1. I opened my mail and yea there you were! I have missed you, your lovely quotes, your articles. You make me think about things and make me laugh. I have missed you. Hope you and your family are all well….jen in ohio

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