“Leaders at the highest levels of public office . . .

 . . . repeatedly, baldly, shamelessly lie just make stuff up just say things they know are not true.” ~ President Barack Obama, campaign rally in Georgia (November 3, 2018)

Monday night. Clear and mild, 66 degrees.

I did not write a post today. Instead, I updated my very outdated About Me page. I gave up on updating the pictures, so it’s very heavy with text. Something weird is going on with my mouse; it just won’t highlight the way that it used to. Anyway, instead of spending time reading me, you need to watch a little political news, get some rest, and then get up early and vote. Seriously. Vote. Pleeeeeez.

Just one brief plea from my side: If you enjoy racism, sexism, violence, lies, and divisiveness, then by all means, you know what side you’re on. However, if you would like to see this country try to move back to unity among its citizens and retake its hard-fought status as a leader among its allies, then you might want to consider casting votes for change.

Listen. Science is real and provable. Facts are facts, and lies can be disproved with just one click of a mouse. Climate change is a threat. The caravan of mostly mothers and young children is not an invasion. Rocks are not bullets. The emoluments clause exists for a reason, and the tax cut increased the deficit by $200 billion.

This country was built by immigrants, and it grew into a democracy admired and yearned for by countless millions. But it was not built on fear. It was built on hope.

More later. Peace.

Music by Leonard Cohen, “The Partisan.” Funny how history just keeps repeating itself, and we never seem to learn a damned thing.