More meh………………

Thursday afternoon, beautifully sunny and unseasonably warm, 68 degrees.

So I don’t have bronchitis according to my PCP, but I don’t feel any better. Ask me if that makes any sense . . . No. Don’t ask me. I have no answers, and I feel worse today than I did yesterday and the day before. So of course the weather is more beautiful than it’s been in weeks and weeks. I have big plans for the weekend: cleaning the house. Don’t be envious. I’d happily trade places if the place in which you live is not surrounded by a mosh pit . . . Anyway, I really don’t have anything much to say to anyone, but I wanted to post something so that those of you in the ether who might be wondering would have a brief update: I’m here, but barely.

More later. Promise. Just don’t ask me when.