Monday misgivings

Apropos of nothing: Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe in 1993 ITV Show (loosely based on novels by Bernard Cornnwell; when a CD was later released with theme music from the show, it was called “Over the Hills and Far Away”—no idea as to why)

“Far from the mountains and the seas,
back in her arms again he’ll be.” ~ Gary Moore, lyrics from “Over the Hills and Far Away”

Monday afternoon, a dusting of snow, cold.

Out of sorts today. I’ve been thinking about posting these very different versions of an old folk song, “Over the Hills and Far Away” (not to be confused with the Led Zeppelin song of the same name), and today seems like a good day for that. In researching this tune, I found lots of different versions based on the 17th century ballad, but the ones below are all based on the lyrics by Gary Moore.


Gurdy version:

Nightwish version:

And if you’re interested in the 1987 version by Gary Moore, here it is: