“His headache was still sitting over his right eye as if it had been nailed there.” ~ Ian Fleming, from Moonraker

Note: I actually wrote this post on Halloween, but never got around to publishing it. Even though it’s been more than a minute since then I decided to go ahead an publish as is and move on . . .

Wednesday afternoon, cloudy, showers, not as warm, 60 degrees.

This migraine began on Monday. It has only intensified since. Tuesday morning when I finally woke up, it hurt to open my eyes. I stumbled about squinting my way through the rooms. The pain seemed to peak Tuesday night; as I described it to Corey, it felt like someone was hammering a railroad spike from inside my skull outwards.. When I got up today, I felt like a limp dishrag, and my ability to function was just as lacking in substance.

The neurologist said that some people get relief in the first month of using Aimovig. So call me completely not surprised that such has not been the case with me. Still, I’m going to give this particular medication a fair chance and try it for at least two more months.

Of course, this happens when I really need to be feeling good as there is so much to do around here. Corey’s mom is coming for a few days next week, and I really wanted to have more done in the house before anyone else visited. Now that the weather has definitely turned, it’s time to work inside the house, so predictably, my body shuts down.

Earlier this week it was absolutely beautiful around here; low 70s, now the wind is whipping leaves everywhere, and the temperature is plummeting. It’s supposed to be in the low 30s tonight. Tornado watch, chance of flurries. It’s a veritable hodgepodge of weather. When I let the dogs out early this morning, it was warm, but apparently that was today’s high. Downhill from there.


4 thoughts on ““His headache was still sitting over his right eye as if it had been nailed there.” ~ Ian Fleming, from Moonraker

  1. I’m glad your computer problem is gone. Nothing more frustrating than paperwork and talking to customer service. The sky outside my window is brilliant red. It is beautiful!

    1. Red sky at night . . sailors’ delight. Did you get a picture?

      I was really upset that my computer just all of a sudden seemed to revert back to the state at which I had continuing script problems that made doing anything incredibly slow and tedious. Just as amazed at how an update seemed to fix everything.

  2. I was wondering about you. Hate to hear you had an awful migraine. Woke up to 12 degrees this morning. I’m not looking forward to this weather one bit. Enjoy your company. And stay warm!

    1. Really cold here, too, but the temps seem to be climbing a bit as the day progresses. The snow is melting. It’s only November, though. Wonder if it’s going to be a bad winter . . .

      On another note, I seem to have been able to get rid of the computer problems that were plaguing me.

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