A Quick Update . . .

Wednesday afternoon, sunny, 42 degrees.

Oh my. Far too much to include in a quick update, so I’ll just hit the highlights: major ongoing computer problems causing me to reboot several times a day and making it pretty near impossible to write anything more than a few sentences (and I had several posts planned to begin the new year), major vertigo episode causing me to be unable to do much of anything several times a day……..

I’m uncertain if the vertigo was exacerbated by the Aimovig shot that I had last Friday, but the two things seem to be going hand in hand. I’ve never had vertigo that went on for days, and it’s maddening as I can’t do anything, especially anything that requires me to bend over. The medication that I take for vertigo (Meclizine) makes me very sleepy, so I’m unwilling to take it during the day. As a compromise, I’ve been taking half a pill, which really doesn’t do much to alleviate the feelings that I’m going to fall on my face at any second.

Anyway, that’s a very quick synopsis of my life this past week. I’m hoping that something changes soon, anything, actually.


2 thoughts on “A Quick Update . . .

  1. I hope you are feeling better soon. I hate vertigo. I have had a few episodes where i have passed out and gave myself a concussion from hitting the bathroom floor.
    It’s a warm day in Ohio today but rain is coming.

    1. Warm here as well, but very windy. I want to take the puppies outside, but may have to wait a bit longer. I’ve fallen asleep on the potty on occasions and fallen on the bathroom tile floor (in our old house). One time I fell on my face. The vertigo has been getting better the last few days. I’ve managed to get out of bed. The frustrating part is that now that I want to write about things, my computer is frequently dying. It’s bananas.

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