Quick Update . . .

“Trump’s not a baby: He has trouble with stairs; he throws fits when he doesn’t get his way, and he’ll only eat french fries and cake. He’s a toddler.” ~ Stephen Colbert (1-2-20 monologue)

Thursday afternoon, overcast, 53 degrees.

So much so much so much…………..

Since I last posted any real information, three of the goats delivered, two kids a piece, but we lost one of the baby girls; unfortunately, she was born during the night on the coldest night of the season so far (17 degrees). None of the moms will nurse, so we have five goat babies in the house being bottle fed. That’s in addition to all of the puppies, for which we are still trying to find the best no-kill shelter.

Oh, and another female goat looks like she’ll be delivering soon.

Have I mentioned that our house is really small? And now it smells like a combined kennel/barn. In between feedings and cleaning up the constant flow of animal feces, I’m still working on this damned laptop, which is not going well at all (but I would expect nothing less at this point). I’m losing my mind faster than normal.

What’s new in your life?

P.S. Happy Birthday to me……………………………………………….


2 thoughts on “Quick Update . . .

  1. Exhausted is a major understatement. I told Corey that he does morning duty and I do middle of the night duty (because of my insomnia); he gets up early and I stay up late. It’s a madhouse around here, and my house is filthy, not messy, but filthy, and it’s making me lose my mind. I’m not as OCD about cleaning as I once was, mostly because of the back, but still, it’s out of control around here. I want to pack my toothbrush and run away from home for a few months………

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!❤ Oh my, it sounds crazy at your house! I was complaining to my husband that i had to go out today and clean up all the poop in the yard from our dog as well as the roaming neighbor dogs because it is going to rain. I figured it would make it easier for me not to step in when i take the dog out. But i think your problem is worse than mine. Lol.
    My neighbors also let their chickens free range so when i take him out he wants to find chicken poop and eat it!
    Baby goats are cute but you must be exhausted. Take care.

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