RIP John Prine (October 10, 1944-April 7, 2020)

This man made so much magic with his words, and I have loved his songs since I was a teen. We’ve lost another legend to this hoax of a virus that’s just a flu . . .

Just a few of my favorite John Prine songs:

And as a bonus, my favorite cover of Prine, Bette Midler singing “Hello in There”

One thought on “RIP John Prine (October 10, 1944-April 7, 2020)

  1. I just recently discovered John Prine. The Speed of the Sound of Lonelines I fell in love with. And Hello in There I love that one. So sad he died from covid when he overcame so many health battles. I hope you and Corey are doing well. We are good…just eating. I swear all I am doing is baking bread and brownies. And making homemade chocolate pudding. I need to wear a mask in the house to quit eating. Stay safe.

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