“Learn to look in silence, if you don’t want noise to drive away the beauty of fragile things that are before your eyes.” ~ François Place, from The Old Man Mad About Drawing: A Tale of Hokusai

“Tell me again about the girl whose hands
have no color. Whose hands are completely
white.” ~ Rebecca Wadlinger, from “Everybody Has Hands, Almost”

See this(↑)? This is my dream writing cottage It’s the perfect size. It’s beautiful inside and out. Who couldn’t be creative in such an environment?

Oh well . . .

Reblogged from Curious History; first appeared in The New York Times

Tiny Victorian Cottage in the Woods

A dream home in a dream landscape, this tiny Victorian-style cottage used to be a hunting cabin in the Catskills. The amazing transformation was the work of one woman, Sandra Foster, who used vintage columns, flooring and wavy glass windows, and completed the carpentry herself. Most of the items were found at yard sales or crafted by her own hand. A stream runs between Ms. Foster’s cottage and the trailer that she and her husband live in. Some people don’t wait for their dream homes; they make them instead.


Music by Daughter, “Lifeforms”


Of the Surface of Things


In my room, the world is beyond my understanding;
But when I walk I see that it consists of three or four
hills and a cloud.


From my balcony, I survey the yellow air,
Reading where I have written,
“The spring is like a belle undressing.”


The gold tree is blue,
The singer has pulled his cloak over his head.
The moon is in the folds of the cloak.

~ Wallace Stevens