Truth or Dare


Fact Checking #1:

Madeleine Albright’s quote is actually supposed to be the following:

“There’s a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t help other women.”

Governor Palin, in all of her vast reading, including a Starbucks cup, couldn’t quite get even this short quote correct. She chose to change the word help to support because, of course, support makes it seem that all women should support the governor because of her gender. Sorry guv, can’t do it. You need to have a brain and a conscience before I can go there.

Fact Checking #2:

“The day that Sen Obama decided to cast a vote to not fund my son when he was serving sent a cold chill through my body,” said Cindy McCain. “I would suggest that Sen Obama change shoes with me for just one day and see what it means… to have a loved one serving in the armed forces and more importantly, serving in harm’s way.”

Obama first voted for a version of the bill that included a timetable for withdrawal. President Bush vetoed the bill. Obama then voted against a version that did not contain withdrawal language. And for the record, McCain himself voted against the troop-funding bill when it contained withdrawal language.

For more on this particular story go to http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008.

Fact Checking #3:

“We’re building a nearly $40-billion natural gas pipeline, which is North America’s largest and most expensive infrastructure project ever.”

Not quite, Governor Palin. It’s sort of like your bridge to nowhere. Construction isn’t anticipated to begin until 2015 with an anticipated cost at this date of $26 billion.

For more on this particular story and other stories about both candidates and their running mates, go to award-winning site http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/775/. 

And Now, a Word From Our Sponsor:

Just thought that I’d spend a few minutes catching you up on what the women in McCain’s camp have been doing. While they do have nice suits (okay, Cindy McCain does, love her shoes), their ability to dissemble seems to be something at which they excel.

Oh, and congratulations Sarah P. on a job well done at over-reaching in the power department in the governorship. I knew that you had it in you. I’m not exactly sure how you can say that the Dems were behind it, though, especially since the committee who found you at fault was composed of 10 Republicans and 4 Democrats. That seems to be more than a little bi-partisan to me. Seems to me they mentioned something about Todders overstepping his bounds, especially since he is not a state employee? Not really sure how that whole review by the employee review board is going to help since you appointed most of those people. Have you boned up on your civics lately, especially the sections on ethics, censure, and impeachment? You know, just in case you don’t get to fill Cheney’s big boots and you have to take the plane back to Alaska with your proverbial tail tucked between your, well, you know . . .

By the way, just a word to Senator McCain before the third and final presidential debate: Before you put your hand on a CPO’s shoulder and try to have a sincere everyman moment, you might want to make sure you are carrying a grade better than a D with the Vets on your performance review. Seems they don’t think that you are all that sincere in your appreciation of Vets once they return home from serving their country.

Personally, I just don’t buy your act of learning things from a non-com. You strike me as the kind of officer who looks right through anyone who is an E-grade, that very rigid demarcation of Academy grads. In fact, your wife made it pretty clear in her interview with Marie Claire when she said that her husband didn’t have cold sweats from his POW days: “The guys who had the trouble were the 18-year-olds who were drafted. He was trained, he went to the Naval Academy, he was a trained United States naval officer, and so he knew what he was doing.”

Okee dokee. That clears things up for me. Officers, no problems. Grunts, problems. I don’t think so. It’s never that clear cut. Never that easy. And only a fool would think so, even a humanitarian, Bud Light-drinking, XBox fanatic who wears jeans and cannot curse kind of fool. Please.

And on that note . . . more later.