Grace in Small Things #27

It’s hard today to write my list after writing yesterday’s post, after reading some of today’s news, after hearing from an old friend . . . but I will try.

1. Statues of angels. I really love to take pictures of angelic statuary in cemeteries, especially the older ones. And I love to find new pictures of angel statues that I’ve never seen before, like ones in other countries.

2. Hearing from old friends, even if the news isn’t the best.

3. Finding an old pair of earrings that I haven’t worn in a long time and remembering where they came from. Where did I buy them? or Who gave them to me? Was it a special occasion? Why haven’t I worn them in a while?

Ginger Snap Cookies

4. Finding an old photograph that I’ve forgotten about and relishing the feeling of that moment all over again. Remembering the people who were in the photo with me, what we were doing, what we were wearing, why we were there, where everyone is now.

5. Ginger snap cookies. I love that slightly spicy taste.

It’s an odd assortment today. More later. Peace.