Wordless Wednesdays . . .

I once participated in a “Messiah” singalong at the Virginia Beach Convention Center with my other mother. It was a wonderful evening. I would love to be part of a flash mob performance such as this one.

“nothing more beautiful [Beethoven’s 9th] . . . has ever been written for the symphony orchestra.” ~ Harvey Sachs, from Beethoven and the World in 1824

Gustav Klimt, Beethovenfries (Detail): Diesen Kuss der ganzen Welt
“Kiss to the Whole World” (detail, 1902)
by Gustav Klimt
Based on Richard Wagner’s interpretation of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, click on for article.


Best. Flash. Mob. Ever……….

Seriously, though, it’s chilly and rainy, and the perfect day to listen to Beethoven’s 9th with the volume turned all the way up. Makes me wish I had a Bose.

For a nice write-up on the 9th, click here.