Awaiting the Vice Presidential Debate

Only four more hours until the vice presidential debate, and may I just say that I am awaiting this event with bated breath? I know. I know. The bar has been lowered so much that anything Sarah Palin manages to say cogently will be seen as a victory for her side. I’ve heard the statement, “Let Sarah be Sarah” so many times that I’m waiting for a chorus of “Nobody doesn’t like Sarah P.” if she manages to pronounce a polysyllabic word correctly. Could it be that we have all been hoodwinked? Does she really know Supreme Court cases and understand that Putin doesn’t really rear his head and fly over Alaskan air space? Was it all just an act to throw us off our game so that she can go for Joe Biden’s jugular when he defers to his “respected opponent?”

Again, I am not underestimating the woman. She has a mean, nasty streak that reminds me of a line from Julius Caesar: “Yond Cassius has a mean and hungry look. Such men are dangerous.” You might think the quote more aptly fits John McCain, but I find it more fitting to the governor. If you recall your Shakespeare, Cassius pretended to support Caesar, but was scheming all the while. Sarah Palin smiles too much for me, and in the clips from her debates for governor, it was clear that she is not little Mary Sunshine. She is well-equipped to make the killing thrust and smile as she delivers it.

I hope Joe Biden remembers this and does three things tonight: answers succinctly, never condescends, and doesn’t hold back when he needs to show up Palin’s ineptitude. If he can do that without coming of as a blowhard, then the Dems should widen the gap a few more points, and Palin can go back to the creek and read all 2800 or so newspapers that she claims to read and try to learn a few more talking points before rolling out for another interview.