Oh the things you can find on Blogsurfer.us: “He LIED” . . . What?


 I’m sorry . . . You said what?


Two things are wrong with this picture: Well first, The Washington Times. But secondly, and more importantly, the article is actually about House Democrats who believe that allowing illegal immigrants access to healthcare—if they pay for it—would, “help reduce overall costs for those who buy into health exchange plans.” The article also points out that President Obama’s bill does not include coverage for illegal immigrants. To read the complete article, click on the link above.

 “Nonsense is so good only because common sense is so limited.” ~ George Santayana

While perusing a few blogs on Blogsurfer.us today, I came across a site that was, shall we say, a wee bit biased. I will not name the site because, well, that’s just how I roll, but I will give you a taste of the sensationalistic headlines: “Confirmed: HE LIED,” which then gives a link to an article in The Washington Times.


You know, I will freely admit that both sides skew the facts. I will also admit that neither side gets it right all of the time. But what is so fascinating in this particular post is that the article cited does not even resemble the headline. That’s a basic research, source citation no-no. I used to slam college students for playing so lose with their sources.

If you are going to cite a source, even in a blog (or perhaps, especially in a blog that purports itself to be a political blog), you have a responsibility to make sure that the source that you are citing and to which you are referring does, indeed, do or say what you claim. In this particular case, the article is about House Democrats, not the POTUS.

“Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

All that being said, I do love to blog surf on Blogsurfer.us (formerly known as Condron.us). It’s a great place to find new reading material. You have the opportunity to add your own blog to the blogroll, and you can pick the category that best suits your subject matter. Additionally, the site has a forum in which any member who signs up can participate. You can open new threads or respond to existing threads.

Although it is a free service, subscriptions can be purchased; however, that being said, few people who have subscriptions give up their slots. So if you want to garner more exposure, you need to be diligent about posting your blog. Ryan Condron, site owner, does search for those blogs that mention blogsurfer.us in their content, tags, or titles, so if you see blogsurfer.us in your stats, you’ve been found.

About half of the blogs that I visit regularly I found through blogging communities. The other half I found by reading comments on blogs that I already like. A word of advice: If you like to receive comments on your own blog, then be a thoughtful commenter on other blogs.

Just wanted to dash this one off quickly. More later. Peace.