“Is this possible global conflagration interrupting your video poker time?” ~ Jon Stewart on Jon McCain

John McCain playing poker

Remember John McCain? Senator? War hero? The man who would be president?

Yep. That John McCain. Seems he was a little bored in recent hearings on Syria by the Senate committee on foreign relations. Oh. No biggie. Only discussing war.

The media had a field day, and deservedly so:

From The Guardian: War games: McCain caught playing poker on iPhone during Syria debate

From The Daily Mail: Pictured: John McCain caught playing POKER on his iPhone during crucial Senate hearing on whether to take military action in Syria

and of course . . .

Jon Stewart on The Daily Show:



“You are about to begin the hero’s journey. Travel well on the quest. A life of More is your birthright. Know the vast resource that reside in you and are provided for you in the world. You have raised the battle cry of There Must Be More Than This.” ~ Judith Wright

“L’albero” (1875)
by Odilon Redon


Two for Tuesday:


Living is dailiness, a simple bread
that’s worth the eating. But I have known a wine,
a drunkenness that can’t be spoken or sung
without betraying it. Far past Yours or Mine,
even past Ours, it has nothing at all to say;
it slants a sudden laser through common day.

It seems to have nothing to do with things at all,
requires another element or dimension.
Not contemplation brings it; it merely happens,
past expectation and beyond intention;
takes over the depth of flesh, the inward eye,
is there, then vanishes. Does not live or die,

because it occurs beyond the here and now,
positives, negatives, what we hope and are.
Not even being in love, or making love,
brings it. It plunges a sword from a dark star.

Maybe there was once a word for it. Call it grace.
I have seen it, once or twice, through a human face.

~ Judith Wright


Space Between

Space between lip and lip
and space between
living and long-dead flesh
can sometimes seem the same.

We strive across, we strain
to those who breathe the air,
to those in memory;
but Here is never There.

What is the space between,
enclosing us in one
united person, yet
dividing each alone?

Frail bridges cross from eye
to eye, from flesh to flesh,
from word to word; the net
is gapped at every mesh,

and this each human knows:
however close our touch
or intimate our speech,
silences, spaces reach
most deep, and will not close.

~ Judith Wright

“Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you. I move the stars for no one.” ~ Jareth, from Labyrinth (Writers Dennis Lee and Jim Henson)

Hoggle: This is an oubliette, labyrinth’s full of ’em.
Sarah: Really. I didn’t know that.
Hoggle: Oh don’t act so smart. You don’t even know what an oubliette is.
Sarah: Do you?
Hoggle: Yes. It’s a place you put people… to forget about ’em! ~ From the movie Labyrinth

Like an Oubliette, St y Nyll, Wales, UK
by Capt’ Gorgeous (FCC)


Music by Eddie Vedder, “Light Today”