Grace in Small Things #35

Scene From Movie Dr. Zhivago with Julie Christie and Omar Sharif

Communities, Online Convenience, and Old Movies

I’m late in posting this today because I have spent so much time reading other people’s blogs . . .

1. The blogging community of which I have become a part. I really enjoy dropping in everyday on about 7 or 8 blogs that I read every day. They are all different but similar. I think that one is in Australia, two are in the U.K., one is in Alaska, and the rest are in various other states. One person is a school teacher, one is a college professor, two people write poetry, one is a published author, one is in a type of social services position, and I am quite close with her. It’s just amazing the kinds of exchanges that I have with these people, and how supportive they can be.

2. My Kenneth Cole black wallet. The one that was stolen before Christmas with the Christmas money in it is being replaced soon as a late birthday present from Corey. I found an exact match on line for less than I paid for it the first time. I know that I should probably move on and find something else, but I really loved that wallet; it had lots of compartments, and it held up really well. After all, if you buy real Kenneth Cole leather, it really does last a long time because it’s made very well.

3. Being able to to things on line that I used to have to stand in line for, such as renewing my driver’s license. How cool is that? Five minutes on the DMV website versus waiting who knows how long at a DMV in person . . . I’ll take the website any day.

Scene From Movie Dr. Zhivago

4. Music boxes. I have always loved music boxes or music balls since I was a little girl. My big jewelry box that my mother got me years ago plays Lara’s theme from Dr. Zhivago. I saw that movie with my mother when I was a young girl, and I absolutely loved it. I read the book by Boris Pasternak much later; the book was different from the movie, and I think that it was one of the few times that I preferred the movie to the book, probably because of the cinematography and Omar Sharif, my first movie crush. So I suppose this entry is a two for: music boxes and a favorite old movie.

Sue Lyons in Heart-Shaped Glasses as Lolita

5. Nabokov’s book Lolita. I read this in college as an undergrad and then again in grad school. When I read it, I kept thinking about Sue Lyon in red, heart-shaped glasses. I like the book better than the movie. Imagine being named Lolita and having people ask you if you were named for the character. I would tell people that Lolita is a family name, which it is. My father’s sister was named Esterlita. Lita is a common suffix to Spanish/Filipino names for females: Carmelita, Lolita, Analita. I did not know until years later that Lolita has been perverted into a term for a certain type of pornography. I could have lived my entire life without knowing that.

Well, that’s all for now. More later. Peace.