Grace in Small Things #38


It’s About the Music and the Memories . . . and All That We Went Through

An eclectic list today from nowhere in particular . . .

I would have to adopt this sad teddy

1. My bear collection has gotten pretty large over the years. It began with Mr. Higgins and a Koala (which is not a bear, I know, but tell a 4-year-old that) whose name I don’t remember. I gave away the Koala, but kept Mr. Higgins. Since that time, I have acquired, either through  adoption on my part because a particular bear was calling to me, or adoption came via gift, the following: William, Caitlin Bear, Robert the Bruce, Beatrice, Mauzy, Baily, Cinnamon Bear,  Sheryl, Boone, Brownie, Lord Grayson, Miss Pinkie, Jack, Burberry, Blackie, Sven, Elizabeth, Paddington, two Poohs (old style), and about 10 or 15 more.

2. Peace roses. This hybrid rose is pale yellow with pale pink on the edges of the petals. As the buds begin to open, the pink bleeds more onto the petals and darkens. I have a bush that has survived some brutal pruning and still produces beautiful roses.

Jiminy Cricket Sings "When You Wish Upon a Star"

3. The song “When You Wish Upon a Star” is very dear to me. I used to sing it to my daughter Caitlin when she was in the hospital.

4. I still have taped to the back of my bedroom door a picture that Alexis made in kindergarten for which she won first place. Alexis was in the Gifted & Talented program throughout grade school. But this one picture is so bizarre: The students were given two shapes—a half circle and an oval—that were preprinted on a piece of paper. Their task was to take the two shapes and create a cohesive drawing. Somehow, Alexis came up with a close-up of a man screaming. The half circle is his mouth opened wide, exposing his uvula, and the oval is his nose. In the background is a very small door, showing perspective. I was so impressed with her ability to manipulate the shapes and to show depth with just a few objects. It’s just a really cool picture, drawn by a five-year-old girl.

5. Each one of us in the family has our own Special Box, into which we put cards, awards, medals, letters—anything that we consider worthy of saving. I’m on my third special box because I like to keep all of my cards from my children and Corey, as well as letters, which, sadly, are hardly ever hand-written anymore. This year at Christmas, I bought everyone a copy of the Time magazine “Man of the Year” with Barack Obama on the cover, and everyone put their copy in their special box.

When I began the boys’ boxes for them, I put in their knit caps from the hospital, a copy of the announcements that we sent out, the congratulation cards that we received. Then each year for their birthdays, I would add the cards that they received from their relatives, special report cards, etc. As they have gotten older, they have brought me things and asked me to put them in their special boxes, which I have done. When Alexis moved out, she took her special box with her. I think that she has probably started a new one by now since her other one was pretty full when she left. This has been a small but very meaningful family tradition that I can envision each of my children carrying on with their own families.

That’s all for now. More later. Peace.