Grace in Small Things #31


Bumper Sticker Mania Reflections of a Person’s Soul

Dazed and Confused

Somehow I ended up with #31 on February 1st so I can either go back and renumber all of them, or I can do two today, or I can just keep going from here because I think I’ve already begun to confuse myself. I think that I’ll just stay with what I have and remain confused for the rest of the year, knowing that I started 23 short, if that makes any sense, and maybe at the end of the year, I’ll do a post that has 115 items in it . . . thoroughly confused? No more so than I.

1. Calendars. I love calendars, and not just the beautiful ones that you put on your wall. I also love pocket calendars and desk calendars. At the moment, I am at an all-time low, having only three: one wall calendar next to the computer, a lovely black and white Zen calendar; a beautiful orchid calendar in the kitchen (I wonder what made me think of orchids, Maureen), and a weekly pocket calendar in my purse. I really feel that I should have at least one more large planner, even though I have nothing to plan. It would just make me feel better. Can’t be too careful, especially when you can’t remember what day it is.

2. Reading other people’s bumper stickers. I’m not crazy about putting them on my own car, but I love to get behind people who go crazy with stickers on their cars. I view it as a window into a person’s personality—the bumper stickers they choose. You can tell a person’s political affiliation, what their hobbies are, which bands they like, whether or not they have good interpersonal relationships, and if they are cowboys, rednecks, or goths. Sometimes, you can even tell how many people they have in their family; you know, when they have those stickers that  imitate a mom, dad, kids, dog, cat, etc. These are usually found on minivans. I would buy them if they had alternate images, like a warrior, a rock n’ roller, a skateboarder, a gamer, and then maybe a three-headed dog, but even that is too tame.

3. Post-it notes. Couldn’t live without these wonderful things. I have them in bright colors. Least favorite color is the plain yellow. I love the bright turquoise. I have one of those nifty pop up dispensers, and I have post-its all around my big screen—songs I want to download, books I want to buy, people I need to call. See, I would never be able to do that without post-it notes.

4. Picture frames. I buy frames even when I don’t have a particular picture to put in it if I happen to like the frame. I know that the perfect picture will come, and I will already have the frame. I keep the frames in a box under my bed. Although, I haven’t checked lately. Tillie may have eaten the picture frames I have been saving. I never know what she’ll discover as her next favorite food.

5. Waking up without a headache. Sounds like such a simple thing, really. But the reality is something for which I am truly grateful when it happens.

That’s today’s list. More later. Peace.