“Will wander restlessly when leaves are blowing.” ~ Ted Berrigan, from “Autumn’s Day”

Georgia O'Keeffe My Autumn 1929 oil on canvas
“My Autumn” (1929, oil on canvas)
by Georgia O’Keeffe


All Saints

It’s one day past the Day of the Dead, and this has been
a bad year, six funerals already and not done yet.
But on this blue day of perfect weather, I can’t muster
sadness, for the trees are radiant, the air thick as Karo
warmed in a pan. I have my friend’s last book spread
on the table and a cup of coffee in a white china mug.
All the leaves are ringing, like the tiny bells of God.
My mother, too, is ready to leave. All she wants now
is sugar: penuche fudge, tapioca pudding, pumpkin roll.
She wants to sit in the sun, pull it around her shoulders
like an Orlon sweater, and listen to the birds
in the far-off trees. I want this sweetness to linger
on her tongue, because the days are growing shorter
now, and night comes on, so quickly.

~ Barbara Crooker


Music by Matthew Perryman Jones, “Canción de la Noche”