Friday leftovers . . .

forgot to hit post again…….

Today’s headline: If you poke a crocodile in the eyes they will release you from any attack

Serious carrot munching:

Seriously? Too stupid not to be true:

Again, seriously folks?

Karaoke, Jimmy Kimmel, Snoop, and Psy style:

Score one for the bad guys getting the truly bad guys:

And another case of bad guys gone good:

And it wouldn’t be leftovers if I didn’t include something from “The Daily Show”


“Paul Rudd is not aging in a normal human way.” ~ Jon Stewart, “The Daily Show” (12/18/13)

Comedic chaos: Cast of “Anchorman 2” takes over “The Daily Show”

Have some Daily Show . . .

Life is rough right now, so I figured the best thing would be to post some Daily Show (sorry Veronica). Here’s a great segment on food stamp cuts: