The Once Wonderful Wonderland Club of Elkmont, TN

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Hiker Discovers Abandoned Town in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

“About a mile up an unnamed gravel road inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the back way into an abandoned neighborhood and hotel, some of which was originally constructed more than 100 years ago.”

In a film titled Tennessee Wonderland (click here for link), Liles explores the town and houses of this long forgotten but newly discovered ghost town. 

From the Website of Jordan Liles

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And here is the video:

So I did just a minimal amount of digging, and apparently, this “discovery” wasn’t really a discovery. Elkmont is well known to anyone who is familiar with that area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Here is another article, and here is the wiki. Here is a bit more history. And here is another video that delves into more of the history of Elkmont.

Just one more thing: The Wonderland Club is not the same as The Wonderland Club, which was an international online pedophile ring . . .


Music by The Oh Hellos, “Hello My Old Heart”

“Existence— well, what does it matter? | I exist on the best terms I can. | The past is now part of my future. | The present is well out of hand.” ~ Ian Curtis, of Joy Division

I am on day seven of this migraine, day three of the double prednizone series (which is making me eat like a horse), and three days since my massive dose of Botox injections. It’s been so long since my last series of Botox that I cannot remember how long it takes before the injections begin to take effect. All I know is that nothing is working so far. The heat is killing me, and now the humidity with the storms.

So no real post today, just an interesting reblog about a cool looking hotel in Colombia and a YouTube video of an amazing dog that can do more than any of my dogs ever could. I love the back up part where the dog goes all the way up the cabinet. Amazing. Enjoy.


beautiful abandoned hotel columbia 16 A beautiful abandoned hotel for the books (31 Photos)


Abandoned (Haunted) Hotel in Colombia

The Hotel del Salto is located near Tequendama Falls on the Bogotá River in Colombia. It was opened in 1924 and shut its doors in the 1990′s. The hotel’s Gothic design is perfectly enhanced by a river and waterfall. Some say the hotel is haunted and no one wanted to stay there. Others state that the adjoining river was extremely polluted and they had to close. For whatever reason, the hotel stands as a beautifully macabre landmark for lovers of classic architecture, urban exploration, and maybe a few ghosts.



beautiful abandoned hotel columbia 1 A beautiful abandoned hotel for the books (31 Photos)

The Hotel del Salto is located near Tequendama Falls, Bogotá River, Colombia. It was opened in 1924 and closed down in the 1990's. Some people say that the hotel was haunted and no one wanted to stay there. Others say that the river was very polluted, and this was the reason to shut down the hotel.
beautiful abandoned hotel columbia 4 A beautiful abandoned hotel for the books (31 Photos)
beautiful abandoned hotel columbia 5 A beautiful abandoned hotel for the books (31 Photos)


Asphodel, That Greeny Flower

Of asphodel, that greeny flower,
like a buttercup
upon its branching stem-
save that it’s green and wooden-
I come, my sweet,
to sing to you.
We lived long together
a life filled,
if you will,
with flowers. So that
I was cheered
when I came first to know
that there were flowers also
in hell.
I’m filled with the fading memory of those flowers
that we both loved,
even to this poor
colorless thing-
I saw it
when I was a child-
little prized among the living
but the dead see,
asking among themselves:
What do I remember
that was shaped
as this thing is shaped?
while our eyes fill
with tears.
Of love, abiding love
it will be telling
though too weak a wash of crimson
colors it
to make it wholly credible.
There is something
something urgent
I have to say to you
and you alone
but it must wait
while I drink in
the joy of your approach,
perhaps for the last time.
And so
with fear in my heart
I drag it out
and keep on talking
for I dare not stop.
Listen while I talk on
against time.
It will not be
for long.

~ William Carlos Williams (click on title for full text of poem which is far too long to post here)