Nothing for me, thanks.

The Red Violin

Red Violin Floating in Cone Nebula, by L. Liwag

I’ve been helping Brett to study for his big test on World War I. Had to do a review myself to help him review. My knowledge of the first big war to end all wars was a bit lacking, to say the least. When I was looking over the study sheet, I realized that I had forgotten more than I knew.

I mean, I knew the major players and some of the key battles, but there is just so much other related minutiae: realignments, treaties, crises, ideologies (revanchism, redentism, imperialism, lots of other isms). I’m ready for the test (I think), and I hope that Brett is ready as it’s a big grade.

Anyway, as a result, I am all worn out and just don’t have it in me to say much of anything about anything. My only bit of creativity for tonight is my concept of a red violin floating in the Cone Nebula. I love the movie The Red Violin, but did not see any images that really struck me. Hence, my interpretation.

I do have a hot topic in mind for tomorrow. We’ll see if it still strikes me as a hot topic after some rest.

Headache is still subsiding but not entirely gone. Other than that, the dogs have full bellies. This month’s mortgage has been paid, Brett has studied, and Corey made delicious, homemade biscuits tonight. Various levels of enjoyment and sense of accomplishment. We take what we can get around here.

Meanwhile, it’s 45 degrees outside and dropping. Not even November yet. Almost November already. This year has been a complete blur. Perhaps that’s best.

I’ll leave you with the following beautiful music, something haunting to listen to before sleep. I couldn’t decide between the two, so I posted both. Don’t let the titles dissuade you. Hope that you like them.




More later. Peace.