Addendum: Sucked into a black hole

One of my habits with this blog is to go back to the previous day’s post and reread it for any errors, those errors that occur late at night when rereading proves to be fruitless as you cannot see what is or isn’t there.

So imagine my surprise today when I went to read yesterday’s post only to find that the opening sentence was missing, as was my paragraph on black holes. Yesterday, when I was in the middle of writing my post, I had one of those blue screen errors. I was beside myself because I was certain that I had lost everything that I had written, just as I did a few weeks ago.

So I was very relieved when I rebooted my system and found that my draft was still there, or at least I thought that it was. I finished up my entry, gave it a quick scan, and posted before anything else could happen.

But when I went back today to reread it, I realized that the entry started a bit awkwardly, and then, there was no mention of black holes, which was my entire reason for using the images that I chose. Crap. Double crap. I hate it when things like this happen.

I’ve fixed the entry now, at least, I believe that I have, but I cannot recreate the opening paragraph as I originally had it, so what’s there will have to do unless I get a brain storm.

For those who read and commented, thank you for being so generous as to not point out the lack of flow.

More later. Peace.


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