Really? Seriously? You’re kidding, right?

Yep, it’s illegal, but you have to admit they’ve captured the iconic cow and advertising font . . .

Wednesday, August 1 2012 is Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, according to Mike Huckabee.

Let’s see . . . how many things are wrong with this movement, aside from the anti gay rights’ stance?

  • Does corporate America really need any kind of appreciation day?
  • Chick-fil-A, whilc certainly having the tastiest chicken sandwiches around, continues to use Styrofoam to serve its products. Styrofoam is non bio-degradable, which means that it sits in landfills, and sits, and sits, forever and ever, amen.
  • One chicken biscuit, while mighty good, has 440 calories, 180 of those from fat.
  • One order of chick-n-strips (4 piece) has 500 calories, 210 calories from fat.
  • One large order of waffle fries: 430 calories, 210 from fat.

So aside from how obviously anti-gay Dan Cathy may be, eating at his fast-food chain can be bad for your health and bad for the environment. So why do they need to be appreciated?

The answer, my friends, is purely for political reasons, and this is what bothers me. While I support Cathy’s right to say whatever he wants, and I support Huckabee and whoever else’s right to frequent Chick-fil-A, what I do not support is this continual need on both sides to draw lines in the sand and then cast aspersions if those lines are crossed. You’ll note that I said both sides.

Both. Sides.

We have ceased to be a civilized civilization. We argue and protest over everything. We name call, libel, slander, and outright lie over just about anything.

I’m so tired of it.

I stopped eating at Chick-fil-A about a year and a half ago because I do not agree with their openly anti-gay stance. That’s my choice. Respect it just as I respect your decision to support or not support any establishment for whatever reason. I stopped eating there because my son Brett made some vary good arguments as to why they are not the kind of business that I wish to give my measly bit of money to, regardless of how tasty I find their products to be.

But do we need American flags, homophobic protest signs, kiss-ins, whatever else?

You know, maybe we do, and maybe we don’t. All I know is that I have just about reached my saturation level on the hate-mongering, and that’s without all of the saturated fats on the menu.

For a good article that goes into more background information on the whole controversy, see Kim Severson’s New York Times’ article.